Eclipse US Flag shirt

Eclipse US Flag shirt

For those who know Greg Hamilton (Greg is an amazing performer and helped out with our CDM group last year), his Indoor Winterguard group is selling these cute “Eclipse US Flag shirt“! Please show your support to Penn State Eclipse Winter Guard and purchase one today!Please comment on this post and Greg will get in touch with you!Thank you! And the best of luck to Penn State Eclipse Indoor Colorguard in their upcoming season!

Eclipse US Flag shirt, hoodie, tank top

Eclipse US Flag Tank top
Tank top
Eclipse US Flag Ladies t-shirt
Ladies t-shirt
Eclipse US Flag Hoodie

Short story Eclipse US Flag shirt, hoodie, tank top

You are there as a Jobless Graduate wearing NDC and NPP Customized “Eclipse US Flag shirt” and Polo, Chanting “Change and Yetowaso”Holding party flags and Carrying Umbrellas Chanting “Transformation” Killing Yourself, Causing trouble in the Society because of some Peanuts that can’t make you a better person.

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