Total solar eclipse 2017 Snoopy and Charlie Brown shirt

  • Total solar eclipse 2017 Snoopy and Charlie Brown shirt
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    • Kevin Snapshot Walker on

      I have all my settings that I need for the camera figured out ahead of time. I also have the place I’m going to be picked out. Going to use both cameras for this event. One for the landmark shot and one for the close up shots!

    • I have an app that is called Solar Eclipse Timer and it tells you by voice and timer when each effect is about to happen! Get to Arrow Rock State Park – they still had a few left today. Arrow Rock Museum also had some, but they said that this may be their last delivery. I was told that people from Marshall were coming over there as Marshall is sold out. Arrow Rock’s viewing time will be longer (ok 1000th of a second – but still) then Marshall.

  1. Amazing shirt!! And am sure your photo record of this epic event will be EPIC as well!! Can’t wait! Hope you are staying with your friend Eric!

  2. Alison Griffith on

    Need everyone’s opinion. It might not be a very good screenshot. Which shirt should I get for the eclipse? I like both of them, but I don’t need both of them! Snoopy and Charlie brown or the cat?

    • Alison Griffith I didn’t have that many choices, maybe mine is a different shirt, but it had Snoopy And Charlie Brown on it. Like you said there are LOTS of them out there!! I like the buffalo one too.

  3. John Ellison on

    There’s a popular new t-shirt out there that has Snoopy and Charlie Brown sitting on a dock watching the eclipse. I told the seller on Facebook I would be happy to buy one if they could show me that they are paying royalties to Peanuts. I do not expect to hear back from them. But it will be interesting.

    • If you want a real total eclipse t shirt. I happen to have one that shows everyone watching as it happens! And some say it just a black t shirt !

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