Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless shirt

Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless shirt

I know this will probably get lost in the Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless shirt but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot. Take it from a professional seamstress. That’s terrible for your needles, and it creates bigger holes as you stitch. Also, you have a higher chance of breaking the thread as you stitch because the thread has extra friction there will thin out. I sew and I’m pretty good at it but if my jeans rip out at the crotch they’re gone. No one’s going to really be looking close enough to k ow it’s been repaired and that could have saved some of my favorite jeans growing up.

Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless Ladies
Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless Hoodie

I can understand how to do it it’s a daisy stitch in embroidery, but what I don’t understand is what do you do once it disappears. Leave it like that so much more than just a very good at all times and thank you for the Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless shirt have changed since you can use materials that are trash? A patch with edges hanging out and dots all around it? I will never understand why you would pay good money for worn out jeans or cut up perfectly good ones! So, people buy new jeans and then deliberately put holes in them?

Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless Sweater
Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless Tank top
Tank top

What’s wrong with this picture? Fashion is uncomfortable for men kind so that we must change it every six months. I remember you asking months ago how to make your mom jeans tighter at the Stitch, Pikachu and Toothless shirt and I couldn’t find the video. Never sew over adhesive it will ruin your needle and machine. The crotch one, yeah it didn’t look good, but wearing jeans with thigh holes is irritating and sometimes very painful. Stop ruining jeans. Make a purse or a makeup bag or something. 

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