Stitch Starbucks shirt

Stitch Starbucks shirt

Well, maybe not the Stitch Starbucks shirt but I am guessing one could just make a chocolate one and skip the mocha! My daughter bought a toasted marshmallow frap and I fell in love with the drink. I tried to duplicate it but failed. Maybe you can help. Thanks, Awesome videos by the way. I don’t get small pumpkin in India so can I use Big pumpkin for puree. You can use butternut squash too, this is used by the commercial producers. I am hard of hearing! And because I do not always hear what people are saying to me I say pardon what did you say!

Stitch Starbucks shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Stitch Starbucks Ladies
Stitch Starbucks Hoodie

Very often I will get a Stitch Starbucks shirt of you should have heard me and I might say because you didn’t speak loud enough and you mumble your words and I can not hear because you were mumbling! I very often hate having to say pardon more than 3 times and I get asked are you deaf and I answer I am very hard of hearing and I wear two hearing aids and I still cannot hear what you are saying!?

Stitch Starbucks Sweater
Stitch Starbucks Tank top
Tank top

I find it very hard trying to get over to people and also family and friends that I am not an idiot and I am who I am and please treat me with respect. I hope sometime in the future we will eventually get a coffee shop in the Stitch Starbucks shirt for the hard of hearing and deaf people and they will understand people who have problems with hearing or not able to hear which I really enjoyed your video Thank you for sharing.

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