Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt

Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt

If Vegeta grows up on Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt and he’s ruling his people as the Prince/King of the Saiyans. What do you think would have happened to him and his people  1st tell me who said goku and vegeta were asians they were from planet vegeta not japan 2nd vegeta is short in height than goku  and goku is not that fat nigga, and saiyans look more handsome and young at old age as compare to humans, bulma stated that in DBS but dragon ball franchise fucked up the whole movie with shit character TBH goku of dragon ball evolution is much better than this gay.

Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt, tank top and youth shirt

Straight Outta Planet Vegeta tank top
tank top
Straight Outta Planet Vegeta youth shirt
youth shirt

Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt, hoodie and sweater

So this is frieza effortlessly destroying Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt. In his weakest form from a million years ago lol. Now my question was can goku finger tap a planet like beerus did and destroy it. Well let’s say half like beerus did. I’m not asking if he would want to I know he wouldn’t want to do it. I’m asking can he? And let’s make it more interesting what other z fighter using the fact that a weak frieza can destroy a planet.

Straight Outta Planet Vegeta sweat shirt
sweat shirt
Straight Outta Planet Vegeta hoodie

Guys why in dbs they don’t use super dragon ball to bring back Straight Outta Planet Vegeta shirt  if u wish u can dispose this arrogant warrior’s home.. they can’t be trusted , i hate this king do remember i want prince vegeta alive as little arrogant prince wanted to hav words with beerus, y the hell he treated king so bad then beerus goes for sleep for many years  Keeping lord beerus commands, freeza sent vegeta for another planet mission … then he went on to destroy planet vegeta.

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      Hi Kamenjasevic! You can click on the red button to buy this shirt 🙂

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