Straight outta taco bell shirt

Straight outta taco bell shirt

Didn’t know Taco Bell had bar flies. It’s scary, cause one of ’em is wearing a “Straight outta taco bell shirt. She might have 9 teeth. So how do I get a “Straight Outta Kilgo” t-shirt? Saw a kid at the Kilgore Taco Bell yesterday who had one. I’m “jelly Just had the coolest conversation with two young kids, probably somewhere near high school seniors. We were in Taco Bell, one was wearing a Tupac shirt, the other was talking about trying to be a point guard like Jordan. I told the 1st he had a cool shirt and asked if his dad turned him on to that music. He laughed and said “yes sir”. Then I told them they were making me feel like it was the 90s talking about Jordan and wearing Tupac shirts. 2nd guy says, “Straight outta taco bell shirt.” …I had to fix that quick and tell him that was 80s and on the VERGE of being before my time. 2nd guy wasn’t very familiar with their music, so I told him Ice Cube wasn’t always in movies like Ride Along and kids movies. He was wild when he was young and told them to check out Eazy E’s solo album “Eazy Duz it”. Told them to get parent permission of course. Then they got their order, “sir’d” me like 5 more times and shook my hand. Cool kids. Except for the old man “sir” stuff.

Straight outta taco bell shirt, hoodie, tank top, v-neck t-shirt

Straight outta taco bell hoodie
Straight outta taco bell tank top
tank top
Straight outta taco bell v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Offcial Straight outta taco bell shirt

Those new Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos at Taco Bell are fuckin’ delicious. Ever since the original Doritos tacos, Taco Bell has become my favorite fast food place. Taco bell you suck. Bring back the chili cheese burrito and you might see more money. Again you suck. Straight outta taco bell shirt. My afternoon consisted of Straight Outta Compton and Taco Bell…My evening now consists of Smackdown with more Taco Bell…Today was a good day Straight Outta Compton with my hubby hitting taco bell then to the pad. Great movie! This line tho ughh I realized tonight (when I was too lazy to go to Taco Bell) that I had everything I needed to recreate this dish! Why I haven’t tried replicating one of my favorite dine-out meals of the early 90’s before tonight isn’t quite clear.

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