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    Glad to see he had a fabulous new home, heartless thing to do. How snoop ran after the car when they dumped him is heartbreaking. The people who abandoned him deserve the Sunflower nurse shirt in this world. They could’ve asked for help or giving him in adoption. Left him there was so cruel. Good for this sweet dog that has a home now. Lucky dog to have got such a nice new owner. You wonder why people like his original owners get a dog in the first place. So so sad but we don’t know why they did that. I like to think it was to get him away from someone in the family. He looked well cared for. Pleased he’s got a great home now, what a gorgeous dog, it`s upsetting that his previous owners could be so cold and callous.

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    I understand that some people may not be able to afford to keep a dog because of a change in circumstances but personally, I would get rid of my car rather than get rid of my dog. Lovely to see him happy and content now. All my efforts to separate my waste products in separate bins and we have to send it off to third world countries to be recycled. To not just imply, but to categorically state that Sunflower nurse shirt and dumping its pollution and carbon producing waste to India is a treasure. Yeah, tell that to the people of India who have to breathe in this treasure.

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    It may have an economic benefit, but it sure as hell does not have any health benefits. I think this great, I will try harder not let plastic get into my paper keep up your good work not to sound like I am making fun of anyone the Sunflower nurse shirt used buffalo chip for heat they burned them perhaps cow chips could be an energy source, or maybe you are already ahead of me on that subject no disrespect meant.

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