Thanos Salt Bae shirt

Thanos Salt Bae shirt

This was proberbly one of his Thanos Salt Bae shirt. Yup, I was left taken back by it a bit. First when he took the bouquet out of it’s ass and the rest? well you know, is history. Waoo I can’t support this video I don’t have problem with the people still eat animals.

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Thanos Salt Bae shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Thanos Salt Bae youth tee
Youth tee
Thanos Salt Bae Ladies tee
Ladies tee

It’s Thanos Salt Bae shirt, who am I to say them what eat. But is really sad how this guy doesn’t have a minimum mercy for de animal the bouquet in the ass was too much! This is a lil too much Salty dont need to be reminded that we eat animals by showing the carcass a leg.

Thanos Salt Bae hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Thanos Salt Bae hoodie
Thanos Salt Bae sweater

A rib, a steak ok this is just too much made my Thanos Salt Bae shirt! All those salty people, seriously were you expecting ribs grow from a tree or something? If you are not vegan, you should know meat come from animal body right?

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