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    Only fools text while they’re driving. Think of the people around you, if not for yourself. Everyone wants to get home safely. There is no text I the world that can’t wait for a stop light at the Thug life Trump shirt. Texting while driving should have been banned a long time ago. No wonder why there are so many accidents here.

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    Thug life Trump youth tee

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    Most people are not good at multitasking & risk the safety of others. I wish every car was a manuel, then they wouldn’t have that “free hand” for a phone, it would be on the Thug life Trump shirt. Of course this texting while driving should b banned, thats pretty much the reason why accidents are happening everyday.

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    So eager to look at that Thug life Trump shirt, especially when you have other in the car with you that your putting in danger. If you wanna read the text, pull over, put the car in park and read the text if its that important to you, otherwise keep your eyes on the road. A text can be left unread from causing a death.

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