Total Shut Show shirt

Total Shut Show shirt

You book flights knowing it a possibility there may be a delay, cancellation herded like cattle, all at a much cheaper price. The Total Shut Show shirt that could be put in the same category is an easy jet. To be fair I’ve never had an issue with Ryanair until just recently. I’ve flown many times for next to nothing and to decent destinations, I’d never endured so much as a late flight let alone anything else so Ryanair for me was a pretty decent little airline. Am I the only person who has flown with them every year since 2003 and never had a problem? Because I don’t fly with high expectations maybe?

Total Shut Show shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Total Shut Show Ladies
Total Shut Show Hoodie

Can only remember one late flight, service superb value. Cannot see the problem here. If you don’t like them fly with someone else! It’s a bit like taking a train and choosing either first class or standard class, both will get you to your destination with one being slightly nicer. Paying for allocated seats, massively overpriced extras and generally a crap service through and through. I’d rather pay twice the Total Shut Show shirt but keep my sanity. Collected it for scrap metal about 8 years ago and it’s outdone 3 brand new ones!

Total Shut Show Sweater
Total Shut Show Tank top
Tank top

And we abuse it all the time but it never gives up and dries the clothes a lot quicker. Seriously considering giving it a re-vamp and a spray over in frozen white soon to cover the Total Shut Show shirt and brown paint! I used manmade solvents, resins, and other toxic materials during most of my working life and art practice. I am now desperately ill with similar symptoms. Sad that I did not know before it was too late.

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