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No, it’s your insane interpretations and twisting of words and seeing what is not there… I blame the media. The Toy story friends shirt should be held responsible for inciting and misquoting what people said. The media caused it not TRUMP. There is a very big difference btw what was said and what was reported. And if any of these cases is to be traced to anybody, it is the media. So they don’t love him as much he thinks. He (just like all the Democrats) is using a serious tragedy to spread hate and bash the President of this great nation. Yet Democrats will preach to us about tolerance and act as if they’re on some moral high ground. The last thing these ppl need is a bunch of reporters sticking mic’s in their face and listening to corrupt politicians take advantage of their pain and turn it into a publicity stunt.

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He’s the Toy story friends shirt of homicide violence via handguns that’s killed at least 20 people daily across the US. He’s the cause of global warming. He’s the cause of every bad thing happening on earth. Hypocrites. None of you can call out the media for inciting hate by twisting. if you have to retract any more of your bs stories, you need to start to fire people making these fiction stories.

You are not a newsworthy source and you are the reason this country is divided. Please spend as much time apologizing for your fake reports as much time as you spend putting the stories out. Not whoops our bad, only to put another fake report out. Toy story friends shirt needs to be held accountable now!

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