The Tree Of Life Shirt

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    I am praying for your The Tree Of Life Shirt. I, too, struggle. I’ve suffered many, many loses in a very short period of time. Lost my father, my mother and sibling in less than a years time. I struggle daily to find my new normal. It isn’t easy, but I fight on. I pray that you get better soon. Having this and life have to go on.

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    The Tree Of Life Shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

    The Tree Of Life youth tee

    Youth tee

    The Tree Of Life Ladies tee

    Ladies tee

    Yes it’s constantly breaking on the The Tree Of Life Shirt. Only life time medication tt can help, it’s like having high cholesterol, diabetes or any other sickness tt needs day to day medications. Days I thank IMH helpline which there is always someone who answer tt call. If no one answers, I believe I wouldn’t be here either.

    The Tree Of Life hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

    The Tree Of Life hoodie


    The Tree Of Life sweater


    By talking about our The Tree Of Life Shirt we can actually write out a book. People with depression open up jobs for many people, psychiatrist, medical professionals, not to mention it also creates economy, pharmarceutical companies can sell their drugs, rehabs can employ people to treat people with mental health issues.

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