Trump with Baby Blimp shirt

Trump with Baby Blimp shirt

But I hope people who have realize that not all nurses are like that Trump with Baby Blimp shirt. As a nurse myself, I hate articles like this. They make us look bad, when it’s really just a handful of people. There are definitely two sides to these stories, and the health care professionals are not given the same chance to tell their side to the media, so these stories piss me off, not gonna lie.

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A few issues I have: doing a pelvic exam during a contraction is standard practice. Yes it hurts, but it gives us extremely valuable assessment data about wether or not you are progressing. “Bullying” is a grossly over/misused word. Strongly encouraging a woman who is in a mentally debilitating level of pain to make a decision that could save her Trump with Baby Blimp shirt.

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It is called advocating for the life of the baby who cannot speak up for itself. I’m sure most women do their best through the Trump with Baby Blimp shirt and delivery process, but believe me when I tell you that some women are horribly ill-informed and really just don’t seem to grasp the gravity of what’s at stake if things go badly!

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