Unknown Pleasure shirt

Unknown Pleasure shirt

God Bless her heart! We all need to be like this lady who has so much love and compassion! We don’t know what it’s like to be in their situations and despite how humble she is. I think it is great what she does to help the Unknown Pleasure shirt. I am sure in time of need you will have plenty of support from them and new friendships will develop.

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Unknown Pleasure shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Unknown Pleasure youth tee
Youth tee
Unknown Pleasure Ladies tee
Ladies tee

Lord Jesus, she sounds just like my grandmother who would feed others a Sunday meal if they were hungry. There is a special place in Heaven. Marcos Fernandez yes, even on her deathbed she made her daughters promise that they would look out for those that were hungry in the Unknown Pleasure shirt, especially the elderly.

Unknown Pleasure hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Unknown Pleasure hoodie
Unknown Pleasure sweater

If the people making rude comments about this post had empathy and understood love and compassion it would be easy. Love and compassion had gone out the window. In stead is easier to put down and talk trash about this hard working lady and her good Unknown Pleasure shirt will to others.

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