Don’t boo vote obama shirt and hoodie (not my president shirt)

Don't boo vote obama shirt

Hello everyone. Thanks for your help in advance. I am new to this group and teespring as well. I have created one shirt for hillary clinton president 2016. Here is my design, Is this good for selling or not? Alright. not quite done getting political.

Don’t boo vote obama shirt:

Don't boo vote obama ladies v-neck tee
Don’t boo vote obama ladies v-neck tee
Don't boo vote obama hoodie
Don’t boo vote obama hoodie
Don't boo vote obama shirt for man
Don’t boo vote obama shirt for man

You wanna help in some small way? Independent punk label Fat Wreck Chords have re-released and updated the “Not my President” shirts. We are going to have to raise up and resist. This one man is destroying us. We, ourselves won’t be able to travel. If anyone does, I suggest you wear a shirt saying not my President. That’s if we will be allowed to enter other countries. Trump has put us all in danger. We may have a war where this time it’s on our land. The wars before have been elsewhere. The Alt-right Christian groups may find they have put themselves in a position of being persecuted. This one man and the Repub party taken over by the zealous have put all of us in danger. We cannot be Nazi Germany again. Unlike them we have to say “NO!”. We are not like this tee shirt.

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