Weedicorn shirt

Weedicorn shirt

Meant to intimidate the opposition? So I’m not quite getting how this is applicable. Hope the Weedicorn shirt of pure love from each of these students. I would like to tell you that the haka is not a war dance. It is performed out of respect; sometimes to welcome honored guests, to honor great achievement including sporting or to honor someone who has died. One of the most amazing I have seen was performed by a whole school including the staff acknowledging the academic success of two students. To have a haka performed for you is the greatest honour. It means nothing for the victims.

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It means nothing for those that lost their loved ones. Life does not become normal for them after the dance. This symbolism may mean something for the survivors. New Zealand simply failed to preempt the attacks. The symbolism would have meant everything to everyone if it was performed to celebrate the successful preempting of the attack. Have a nice day! What a beautiful statement to show solidarity and that country Weedicorn shirt is the most diverse group of kids.

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I’ve seen it’s beautiful. anybody that says anything else is sad and pathetic and doesn’t deserve your time. She is a credit and should be commended for being a shining beacon of real natural empathy in the midst of such a terrible tragedy. Although some may call it cultural appropriation, I thought it was good to see the Weedicorn shirt of ethnicities taking part in this tribute.

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