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    Same thing happened to me! I reached out and tried to get help through counseling and ended up losing my They whine I wine shirt. Our lives have never been the same. CPS is a horrible agency. I could write a book of the injustices I endured. This is the first time I’ve spoke of this in 10 years but I’m tired of holding it in.

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    They whine I wine youth tee

    Youth tee

    With one allegation coming from the They whine I wine shirt. If the mother is going to put those types of allegations out there, then neither of them should be surprised that it is CPS’s responsibility to act. How many time have we seen allegations and the child was put back in the abuser’s home. CPS is not perfect , they try to protect.

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    They whine I wine hoodie


    In this case they did the They whine I wine shirt. That man is creepy. Did I hear the social service guy basically say just admit this and do that you get your kids back. Really. This is how our system works. People say what you want them to say just to get your kids back. Never mind that it won’t change the parents.

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