I yam what I yam shirt

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    I yam what I yam shirt
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    This is especially so when they’ve not been accused, let alone found guilty, of any crime against the state. I’m not condoning her behavior but that should be questioned and answered in a court of law. He’s so far to the I yam what I yam shirt that I’m amazed he didn’t just go to live in a communist country. If she comes back, I just hope for your sake that it’s not one of your family members that she radicalizes. So no matter what you do, as long as your human rights are upheld and you’re 15 you can be excused of it? Let not forget that she didn’t just pop off to the next town over, or ran away to London. She paid for, packed and got on a plane. She flew out with the express intention of joining a terror group.

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    We don’t know what she’s done while out there, only what she’s telling us. She wants to come back, she’s going to blur the lines of her actions. No remorse, almost an air of entitlement, stating the Birmingham concert was just? Let’s be honest, does she really think she can come back and lead a normal life? How can he be so far off what the I yam what I yam shirt is thinking! It’s time the politicians got a reality check! To be fair, what future does she have living in a country where so many lives have been lost and affected by the very people she supported.

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    I certainly do not think she is fit to raise a child with the views she has. The I yam what I yam shirt is little sympathy and is still the same stupid groomed teenager she was when she left. She was born here her navel string was cut here birthplace birth certificate says how on earth can she be another country burden she might have to get landing off her child.

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