Zippo Fire walk shirt

Zippo Fire walk shirt

Fact at a wedding reception one Summer I went to light a ladies cigerette then my own when unbeknownst to me I lit my shirt pocket on fire when replacing  Zippo Fire walk shirt. I had to walk around with a huge hole in shirt. Grateful for t shirt. then months later I was in the old Tacoma Nordstrom. a gentleman yells to me on escalator ” Your shirt is on fire” He was at wedding lmao I am Anita and I live in a small town called Bradford pa where it is known for the oil and home of the zippo lighters. I did a search on facebook in hopes of finding some help. Been trying to sell my saddle because I have a serious physical disability and I ride horses for the hopes that the strength can be regained in my legs which is helping because I walk with a cane or a walker instead of a wheel chair at the age of forty.

Zippo Fire walk shirt, tank top and v-neck t-shirt

Zippo Fire walk ladies shirt
ladies shirt

However, I was in the hospital for Christmas and all of January and part of february due to illness and upon returning home from hospital, I had a severe house fire and lost everything we owned. I have four kids that are 18, 16, 11, and 6 and thang God we all made it out safely. However, my six year old and 16 year old do some intense riding and want to show in the jumping and dressage classes. We lost all their competition gear in the fire and I’m at this time unable to afford brand new stuff. My six year old only is going to show in the lead line walk and trot but my 16 year old is doing some light fences and walk trot canter classes. I need everything from hats, jackets, under shirts, gloves, breeches, boots, etc. I had over a thousand bucks worth of gear that we lost. I’m hoping by selling my saddle that I will be able to buy them . Zippo Fire walk shirt

Zippo Fire walk sweat shirt
sweat shirt

Snow till 8pm thur late tonight apache fog stay indoors you don’t want to meet any cold Indians you could wind up wearing arrow shirts just what you need fog and snow banks just add thumder amd lighting and uou have the worst snowstorm I drove thru and i ain’t doing that again it took 20years off me  Zippo Fire walk shirt .

Zippo Fire walk v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Couldn’t see 20 feet in front of truck and 223 miles to go that night with a codriver scared to death of crashing and dumbass couldn’t read a map and he set the map on fire with the Zippo Fire walk shirt to cover the fact he couldn’t read it if the MPs were standing in the road with 6 flares would have drove by them 6 trucks maded it that night out of 24 i was number 4 combat engineers rule.Anyrate the storms we get here just dont do it for me if darn car would start i would have been to the store and bank today.

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